Working around the house in summer

There is always something to work on and repair on a house. But a lot of work cannot be done all year round, only in summer.

New painting for window frames or furniture

Such as B. painting window frames. Old wooden windows need a new coat of paint from time to time. To do this, you have to unhook the windows, sand off the old paint, repaint and then let them dry well – winter is not so good for this work.

If you have an old cabinet or table that you want to repaint, now is the right time to do it. Sanding creates fine dust that you would rather not have in your home. The paint fumes that are generated during the subsequent painting process can also be harmful to health, so that it is better to do the painting outside. However, the temperature should not be higher than 25 ° C, otherwise the paint will no longer work so well and will dry too quickly.

Cleaning with high pressure

You would also like to put the garden, balcony and terrace in order. If you have a flagstone patio, you may have noticed that dirt, moss, and weeds have spread over the winter. Cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner helps. It’s best to do it on a very warm day, then you have nice refreshment on the side.

Check electrical lines

After a long winter, the electrical cables outside may have been damaged. So that you have light on your terrace when you want to settle down there after your work, you should check the electrical cables for brittle sheaths, cables or wires hanging out.

Water the garden

We recommend setting up a rain barrel so that you do not have to water your garden with drinking water. An automatic irrigation system is also a worthwhile investment, especially if you are going on vacation and don’t want to find a desert when you return. Garden hoses with holes that can be placed around or through the bed are practical. Equipped with a timer the ideal irrigation method.

Maintain garden furniture and wooden fences

All types of wood are bleached by the sun and will weather over time. You can paint garden furniture, fences, woodshed or floor planks now to extend their durability. Wood oils are used for floor planks made of hardwood, such as Douglas fir. For softer woods such as spruce and pine, there are special glazes, some of which are pigmented and thus enhance the natural wood color. Both oils and glazes protect against UV light.

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